Technical Information and Use Suggestions

Photos should be taken with a digital camera Nikon P80 10 mega-pixel 18x zoom.  Lights used are normal spot lights with 6400 Kelvin bulbs positioned on the sides of a small 60% white Plexiglas box.

In the PDF document contained on the CD Rom which accompanies the Kit, you will see what you can achieve with the help of FOTO SYSTEM® and very basic camera equipment.

The results that FOTO SYSTEM® is offering are great.  FOTO SYSTEM® will satisfy every demand for a photo taken with very simple equipment using one’s own imagination and without the need of a computer for retouching.  All of this can be achieved in a fast, easy and economic way.

These demands are always present in a goldsmith workshop, jewelry stores and business offices, where the need for a quick and qualitatively good photo is crucial.

FOTO SYSTEM® is also useful for taking shots to be used on commercial web sites such as E-bay.  Or it can be used to create catalogs for in-house use.  Refer to the Wax Mounting link to see actual photos taken with FOTO SYSTEM® (these are in PDF form)  In addition FOTO SYSTEM® can be used for creating stock inventory or simply to make a beautiful photo of that special item that you treasure.  Finally, by special order we can make special platforms with your logo or business name inscribed. 

The final goal of FOTO SYSTEM® is to offer something that is not available in today’s market.  With the use of multi-use magnetic platforms you can eliminate the need for computer retouching.

I hope this practical invention of mine will meet your expectations, helping you save time, money and headaches.

Aurelio Mucci